This week on Sex City—December 16, 2014

Dorianne talks with Kelly Guillory, the artist of a new web comic described as "packed with utterly gratuitous sex and indefensible amounts of violence." Transhuman Resources features a protagonist who is a transhuman, transgender and transnational corporate troubleshooter in a dystopian cyberpunk future. She then calls up Emily Nagoski, a sex educator and author with a wealth of credentials. Emily has a Ph.D. in Health Behavior with a doctoral concentration in human sexuality and has worked at the Kinsey Institute. She is the author of three Good In Bed Guides, and her forthcoming book Come as You Are is an exploration of why and how women’s sexuality works based on groundbreaking research and brain science. Finally, she welcomed JoEllen Notte, aka The Redhead Bedhead. JoEllen is the Lead Sex Educator for the Portland Academy of Sex Education and teaches on topics such as adult shopping skills, online dating savvy, dirty talking magic and casual sex mastery. She is the author of "Spotting a Great Sex Shop (and Surviving a Bad One)" and is currently researching her first book: The Monster Under the Bed: Sex, Depression & A Conversation We Aren’t Having.


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