This week on Sex City—November 17, 2015

New host Cordelia presents Youth for Youth: young people in Toronto designing, organizing and delivering sex and relationship education to their peers. She spoke with:

-Mary Getachew, a member of SExT (Sexual Education by Theatre), educating teens about sex and healthy relationships through skits, songs, dances, poems and raps. SExT are going to be performing in the University of Toronto's upcoming FOOT festival (Festival of Original Theatre).

-Destiny, one of the founders of Bad Subject, a youth-led, non-profit initiative, that offers workshops for youth by youth on consent and rape culture. Their workshops take place in high schools around the GTA, from grades 9-12.

-Khrystyna Horstka, a peer education with the Planned Parenthood Programme SNAP (Supporting Newcomer Access Project). SNAP is in it's second year, delivering sex education for newcomer youth, by newcomer youth. Khrystyna works with a small group of volunteers to design and present workshops in schools, community groups and drop-in programmes around Toronto!


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