This week on Sex City—December 15, 2015

Dorianne discusses Japanese rope bondage, sex journalism and queer multi-media science fiction!
• JD from Toronto Kinbaku Salon told us about the courses they offer, a curriculum that ranges from light bondage for fun and play in the bedroom, through to multi-transition suspension bondage for the dedicated rope aficionado.
• Alana Boltwood joins the show to discuss the wildly imaginative project Hexasexual, imagining a future world where there are six sexes, each with their own genital configuration, and the ensuing possibilities for intercourse, reproduction and orientation. Hexasexual is a science fiction narrative, a series of sculptural art and jewelry pieces, and a political manifesto.
Hannah Smothers is a reporter for Fusion's Sex+Life section who has written on subjects such as the vibrator’s migration away from looking like a penis, spray-on condoms, and the state of sex ed in the Unites States.


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