This week on Sex City—February 16, 2016

Sophie welcomed Dainty Smith, the creator of Les Femmes Fatales: Women of Colour Burlesque Troupe. She's also a performer, writer, speaker and all around powerhouse. We'll be discussing her latest burlesque show, representation in burlesque, and what she's up to next.
She also spoke with Adam Glinglin, a sex coach and educator who wants to help you find your sexual super powers. He's at the helm of Sexftw and his unique view of discussing sexuality will make you feel like a hero!
Finally, Sophie introduced us to Mike of Bunz Kinky Zone to discuss this new Toronto group, born out of the unbelievably popular Bunz Trading Zone. What is it like to run a sexy group through notoriously prudish social media? We'll find out.


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