This week on Sex City—June 28, 2016

Dorianne spoken with three amazing guests!
  • Jane Eaton Hamilton, author of a new novel called Weekend. Featuring queer and nonbinary trans characters engaging in kink, parenting of a newborn, and managing messy emotional relationships, Weekend is a bold and heartbreaking consideration of the true nature of love at the cusp of middle age.
  • Dr. Kate Lister, a feminist academic who researches the history of sexuality and is the mastermind behind the Whores of Yore twitter and instragram accounts, providing a pictorial history of sex work and related imagery.
  • Elard Tissot van Patot, who leads walking tours of the Red Light District in Amsterdam and will tell us about the history of the area, some of the interesting sights to see, and about the current situation of sex work in the Netherlands.

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