This week on Sex City—September 6, 2016

Host Claire AH discussed sex and sexuality with four fascinating guests:
  • Cailey of La Petite Mort is the owner of a newly minted online sex store. 
  • Stephanie Scarlet is a porn performer, cam performer, and escort. 
  • Michael Erickson is one of the owners of Glad Day Bookshop, which is in the midst of moving, remodelling their new home, and adding so much to the experience of their store. 
  • Carlyle Jansen is an author, educator, speaker, and the owner of the sex shop Good For Her. 



  1. Just a heads up, might want to be careful with that sex store. The owner can and has used private information provided for payment to look up people who make purchases, their place of employment and then criticize said person out in the open. Buy at your own risks.